The Lhaviyani Handicrafts Pilot Project, while launched by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is supported by several key partners . These include; 

Implementation partners

  1. Women’s Entrepreneur’s Council (WEC)
  2. Ifthithaahu Isdharivarunge Jamiyyaa (operator of Lhaviyani Atoll Handicrafts Training Centre)
  3. Society for Kurendhoo Youth & Sports SKYS (operator of Kurendhoo SKYS Handicrafts Centre)
  4. Hinnavaru Island Women’s Development Committee (IWDC)
  5. Kudahuvadhoo Youth Association (KYA)
  6. Hirilandhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyyaa
  7. Women Enhancement, Laamu Fonadhoo
  8. Laamu Gan Thundi, Island Women’s Development Committee (IWDC)
  9. Creative Arts and Crafts Training Centre (CACTC) (Training and Resource Development)
  10.  Lhaviyani Atoll Development Project Site Office

Support Partners

  1. Lhaviyani Atoll Development Committee (ADC) – Coordinates  development activities of the atoll
  2. Naifaru Island Development Committee (operator of fish market  and coordinates  development activities of the island)
  3. Vidhuvaru Music Club (operator of cultural centre, Naifaru)
  4. Club Juvenile (operator of local market, Naifaru)
  5. Naifaru Island Women’s Development Committee (cleanliness of the island environment)
  6. Kurendhoo Island Development Committee (Coordinates  development activities of the island)
  7. Isdharivarunge Roohu (cleanliness of the island environment, Kurendhoo)
  8. Hinnavaru Island Development Committee (Coordinates  development activities of the island)

Lhaviyani Atoll Resort partners

  1. Kuredu Island Resort
  2. Komandoo Island Resort
  3. Palm Beach Resort & Spa
  4. One & Only Kanuhura

Policy level partners

  1. Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI)
  2. Ministry of Economic Development and Trade – Economic Development Section
  3. Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation
  4. Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI)


  1. The European Union
  2. The United Nations Foundation