Jewellery work

Maldivian women have traditionally been adorned in jewellery by local blacksmiths. Such ornaments include fattaru (a silver girdle worn around one’s hip), fattaru-baé (golden necklace), ula or keveli (golden bracelets or wristlets), thakaholi (anklets), angoti (ring) and mudi (earrings) – these are usually passed down from generation to generation. Local craftsman have largely stopped fashioning such jewellery, however, they are rarely commissioned to create such objects for special occasions, etc.

We currently do not have any traditional Maldivian jewellery in our catalogue at the moment. However, although the more traditional Maldivian jewellery may not be readily available today, the skill of jewellery making has transitioned – local craftsman now produce pieces that are relevant to modern times using mother of pearl shells, coconut shells, different types of seeds, sea shells, etc.

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